Sheet Music Sales: Composer John Carbon

JCcollections publishes composer John Carbon's music. For more information about John Carbon visit his website for biographical information, news about performances and recordings, a catalogue of works, program notes and photos:

Zimbel releases new Carbon piano music CD

12.05.2012 News

In February Zimbel recordings released John Carbon: Piano Music Played by Steven Graff . Available on iTunes, Rhapsody, Amazon, Tower and most of the major vendors.

Trio Clavino takes John Carbon's Trio Kinetica on tour

12.05.2012 News

Trio Clavino (Doris Hall-Gulati, clarinetist, Simon Mauer, viollist and Xun Pan, pianist) will be performing John Carbon's new trio, Trio Kinetica, in Austria, Germany and China during their tour this summer.

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